horizon and clouds

Boredom, daydreaming and creativity

People in train staring at mobile phones

Always online

Maybe there was not much more communication going on in the good old days when people were travelling without staring into their mobile devices.

Maybe people did not talk or communicate nonverbally with one another then either.

But the mind was allowed to wander, unintentionally, unfocussed. We might look out of the window – yes – the same scenery every morning but different weather and light. The soul jumps onto one of these clouds and rides them for a while, looking at life with the perspective of a traveller.

If we close our eyes we might hear the sound of wheels, with the occasionally outburst of laughter or children’s cry. We are part of this – somehow distant but fully aware. What happens if we don’t limit our world to the small space of a mobile phone?

We might be open to perception.

I believe we need boredom and daydreaming in our lives to be creative. And I wish children were allowed to feel boredom too without us adults finding things for them to do all the time.

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