Google Art Project: 10 Virtual Art Exhibitions to Visit Online

The Art Project by Google provides a beautiful platform to show and to explore art. Museums like the Tate Gallery, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Uffizi in Florence have been part of the project since the beginning in 2011. Today the platform features 596 collections, 193,942 objects, 43,933 user galleries and 808 exhibitions.

Here are some of my favourite virtual art exhibitions.

1. Korean Art Now: Our Home, Our Space

©Korean Artist Project

©Korean Artist Project, Korea

Great insight into Korean Contemporary Art in 2015.

2. Meet 500 Years of British Art (1540-2013)

500 Years of British Art - ©Tate Britain

©Tate Britain, UK

An excellent walk through British Art with Tate’s curators (with video material).

3. Stencil Art & Activism

Stencil Art and Activism - ©Graffitimundo

©Graffitimundo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

 Puts Stencil Art into political context.

4. A Stool Makes History: 1933-2013

Iconic stool no. 60 by Alvar Aalto

A Stool Makes History - ©Alvar Aalto Museum

©Alvar Aalto Museum, Finland

A great way to show the history of one single object.

5. Ordinary People by Extraordinary Artists

Works on Paper by Degas, Renoir and Friends

Ordinary People by Extraordinary Artists ©Detroit Institute of Arts

©Detroit Institute of Arts, US

Fantastic material well presented.

6. Delhi Photo Festival (2013): Contemporary Social Issues

© Delhi Photo Festival, India

©Delhi Photo Festival, India

Stunning contemporary photography shown in social context.

7. The Origin of Romanesque Art – The Birth of Europe

©Fundacion Santa Maria la Real, Spain

©Fundacion Santa Maria la Real, Spain

A beautifully presented educational exhibition (with video content).

8. Masks, Other Worlds

©Crafts Museum Delhi, New Delhi, India

©Crafts Museum Delhi, New Delhi, India

A fascinating introduction to the magic world of masks in India.

9. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1772-1922)

Colourful characters in Australia’s colonial past.

©National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia

©National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia

A gallery tour with humorous introductions.

10. Silent Poetry – Chinese Contemporary Art

Exhibtion: Sydney & Adelaide, Australia 2015

©China Modern Contemporary, Beijing, China

©China Modern Contemporary, Beijing, China

An insight into the young meditative art from China.

Browse all 808 exhibitions here

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Franz Marc, Im Regen, 1912
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