Where to find inspiration

Where do we find inspiration if not in everything around us?

All the things we sense right now can be transformed into some kind of art.

There is never a time and nowhere a place when we are not surrounded by things that can inspire us. If it’s nature then nature it shall be. It can be a visit to a museum. – Yes! It can also be a conversation with a stranger on a train journey or the houses you suddenly notice on your way to work for the first time or just the light finding its way into your room through the still closed curtains. Once you open your eyes and ears to inspiration it is there!

I believe when we don’t find inspiration everywhere we will find it nowhere.

So the question really should be how to get into a state of mind where inspiration can happen.

This will help you to get into a creative state of mind:

  • Do something that will help your mind to relax – like meditation
  • Go for walks
  • Change! Do things differently (different music,  try new recipes…)
  • Take long showers
  • Allow time for daydreaming in your daily routine
  • Always keep paper and pencil next to you
  • Always have access to a camera (a mobile phone camera is good enough)
  • When you are a painter read poetry, when you are a poet look at art
  • Allow for free associations. Nothing is too silly! Just write it down!

Exercise 1

Take photographs of all the things you see.

No – don’t move! Don’t go anywhere! Just stay exactly where you are and take pictures of the things you notice around you.

Is there something you can connect with emotionally?

Something that has a personal history for you? Try to capture this in your photo.

Are there lines and structures that can look interesting in a picture? Try to think of it as a drawing. Maybe it wants to be black and white.

Play around with different compositions. Not just the classical golden section composition.  Try taking composition to the extremes. How does your photo look like with a lot of empty space?

Let’s have a look at what you have produced.

Now you may want to make the visual impressions more emotional by changing into a different medium.

I would love to know what you have done. Please feel free to post in the comments.

Where else do you find inspiration?

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