Social Media Services

“This is all great. We really believe in the advantages of a strong internet presence but we don’t have the time to make use of it. There is just not enough staff…”

“I just want to concentrate on my art. I’m not interested in becoming an expert on computer things as well. But an online presence would be cool…”

“We don’t want to worry about social networking ourselves. We will lose too much time and energy and rather give this to experts…”

If this is you, why not consider booking our social media services?

We can

  • develop the right social media strategy for you
  • post your content on different platforms
  • optimize your photos for social media channels
  • search for relevant content
  • write original content for you
  • schedule daily updates at the best times
  • interact with your followers
  • increase your networks
  • monitor your accounts and manage your reputation
  • monitor relevant hashtags and mentions
  • discuss our strategy with you on monthly basis
  • prepare social media campaigns for your exhibitions


Our services range from scheduling posts on just a few networks to complete packages, where we take care of all major platforms and all content is provided by The Creative Business – including photos and short films.

Every institution has its own needs and we cater to each of these individually.

We are happy to find the right solution for you and to answer your questions. Get in touch!