Social Media Coaching

“We want to be active on social media channels but we don’t know how…”

“We are doing a few posts per week on Facebook but not a lot of people are actually responding…”

“We are promoting our exhibition openings on Facebook and Twitter but we don’t think we have attracted any new visitors from that…”

“We are okay with Facebook and Twitter but would like to expand our strategy to other channels…”

“We are interested but also afraid of doing something wrong. There are so many legal issues. We are afraid to lose control…”

If this is you, you might consider booking The Creative Business for a workshop on your premises.

A Social Media Day on your premises

We can

  • introduce you to the different channels and discuss the right social media mixture for you,
  • help you to find your individual voice online,
  • help you to carry out a well thought-out strategy as a team,
  • discuss how to write and find content,
  • show you how to prepare photos for different social media channels,
  • introduce you to tools for scheduling content,
  • show you how to find the best times to post,
  • work out a schedule for the first month of your new social media strategy,
  • show you how to analyse success,
  • discuss copyright and other legal issues.

Individual team members can learn all the details of how to use Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook etc. in individual coaching sessions. We then stay with you until you are able to carry out the discussed strategy on your own. And when questions occur later, we will be there for you online.

We recommend to book another workshop day after a few months of posting, so we can talk over problems, analyze the success of your activities and adjust the strategy if necessary.

1 day coaching (8h): € 1,000*


All our social media weekend seminars are limited to 6 participants. The workshops will include lectures but also practise time with your own laptop. All lectures are held in German.

Seminars 2017

22. April 2017 – The Artist is Online (4 h)

28. – 30. April – Onlinemarketing and Social Media (WE)

23. – 25 Juni    – The Artist’s Website (WE)

21. – 23. Juli    – Inventory Database (WE)

10. – 26. Aug   – One Week of Blogging (Week)

16. Sep. 2017  – The Artist is Online (4 h)

22. – 24. Sep    – Social Media for advanced students (WE)

06. – 08. Okt   – Onlinemarketing und Social Media (WE)

27. – 29. Okt    – New Media in Art Mediation (WE)

17. – 19. Nov    – The Artist’s Website (WE)

More information here.


Individual Coaching

You want personal help on one-to-one basis? We give coaching sessions – online on Skype or live.

1 hour individual coaching € 80*

*All prices incl. VAT. Travel expenses will be charged extra.