Edgar Degas, Ironing Woman

Laundry in Art

Ever since the time that people started wearing clothes, laundry has been a serious consideration. For many artists too.


 1. Tintoretto, Jews in the desert, c. 1593

Tintoretto - Jews in Desert 1593

credit: osocnart.leafar

2. Hubert Robert, The laundress and her child, 1761

Hubert Robert, The laundress and her child

credit: Josie Soho

3. Jean Francois Millet (1814-1875), Les lavandières

Millet, Die Wäscherinnen

4.  Edgar Degas, Woman ironing, 1869

Edgar Degas, Ironing Woman

5. Paul Serusier, Les Laveuses à la Laita,1891

IMG_0709 Paul Sérusier. 1844-1927

credit: Jean Louis Mazieres

6. Picasso, The ironer, 1904

Pablo Picasso - "Woman ironing (La repasseuse)" (1904)

 credit: Mia Feigelson

7. Kmska Rik Wouters, De strijkster, 1912

Rik Wouters, Die Büglerin

credit: Paul Hermans

8. Man Ray, Cadeau, 1921

Man Ray 1921 Cadeau

 credit: Giulia Fanelli

 9. Claes Oldenburg, Clothespin, 1976


 credit: Jack Booth

10. Pipilotti Rist, Underwear Chandelier, 2010

panty chandelier up close

credit: Abeer Hoque 


Olafur Eliasson at Centre Pompidou 2007
Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen

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